Constructions Skills Training Centre
(Situated at No. 60, Richmond Road, Bangalore)


# 59, Richmond Road, Bangalore 560025.

(An ISO 9001-2008 Certified Karnataka State Government Company)

Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives at KSPH&IDCL

KSPH&IDCL supports in every social responsibility in order to deliver high quality environmental and economic performances.

I. KSPH&IDCL has contributed to society by -

  • Organizing seminars and conferences on subjects of social concern and role of the corporate sector. For example, rain water harvesting, campaign against child labour, skills training, and so forth.
  • Adopting a common design strategy for buildings. 

In the presence of the Director of Police Research and Development, New Delhi a meeting was held in New Delhi and Bangalore in June, 2005 to ensure uniformity in designs of buildings constructed by the Police Housing Corporations all over India. Designs submitted by KSPH&IDCL were appreciated and followed up in July, 2005 at the Senior Police Officers Mess, Bangalore. About seven Police Housing Corporations attended the meeting. The meeting was a success. 

  • Participating in development by conceiving, implementing or monitoring various projects and programmes.
  • Encouraging individuals and institutions to participate in social development by recognising their contribution with awards. (View photos, click events of August 15, 2004 at www.ksphc.org). 

  • The Corporation was awarded ISO 9001-2000 certification and hence all the employees were given appreciation letters and a cash reward of Rs. 1,000 each in September, 2005. 
  • Implementing CSR at all divisions of KSPH&IDCL within Karnataka State.
  • Conserving Environment by implementing eco-friendly products at ALL KSPH&IDCL PROJECTS ( report enclosed on CSR- RWH)

A coherent CSR strategy, based on integrity, sound values and a long-term approach, offers clear business benefits to companies. (Employment is being generated by KSPH&IDCL at its project sites for skills trainees and shortly at KSPH&IDCL kiosks).

  • The link May I help you is available at www.ksphc.org for anyone who wants to reach in confidence, or e-mail md@ksphc.org.
  • Public and employees of KSPH&IDCL can also reach in confidence to PRO-CSR section or write in confidence by e-mail to
  • Computers with internet are provided to all employees in the ratio of 1:3.
  • Best Employee of the month - link provided at www.ksphc.org to motivate employees to perform better at work.
  • KSPH&IDCL employees are trained now and then to upgrade skills.
  • KSPH&IDCL has a CSR section looked after by PRO reports are enclosed herewith.
  • KSPH&IDCL has its own skills training centre where wards/ others above 18 years are trained in various skills and employment provided to the deserving.

II. Future CSR proposals of KSPH&IDCL:

  1. To open more skills training centres at all other regions other than Bangalore especially in rural Karnataka especially the tribal and naxal hit areas.
  2. KIOSKS will be opened in all districts and site locations of KSPH&IDCL after giving training in sales, marketing and accounting to prospective candidates above 18 years in e-commerce, uploading of projects of KSPH&IDCL, LPG dealership, and running Amul ice cream parlour/outlets. More employment will be generated to reach the rural masses.
  3. To form small Stree Shakthi groups and provide training where-ever necessary.
  4. Skills Training Centre will be expanded to accommodate more skills and open to all above 18 years within Karnataka.
  5. More training centres will be opened in rural areas.
  6. More KSPH&IDCL child labour campaigns will be held in all divisions of KSPH&IDCL to prevent child labour.
  7. Child labour schools will be opened in KSPH&IDCL project sites to rehabilitate children below 14 years migrating with their families to avoid becoming victims of child labour.
  8. To have tie-up/MOU with reputed NGO's who are dedicated in rehabilitating child labour. The objective is to eradicate child labour totally at all KSPH&IDCL sites.
  9. Rain Water Harvesting, Solar lighting and other Eco-friendly measures will be implemented in all buildings constructed by KSPH&IDCL.
  10. More seminars and work shops will be conducted on RWH by coordinating with BMP, BWSSB, BDA etc.,
  11. To have an awareness program on smoking /alcohol addiction.
  12. More KSPH&IDCL employee welfare measures will be undertaken in future such as a pick-up dropping facility, counseling, opening a library etc.


Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives @ KSPH&IDCL

KSPH&IDCL'S CSR - Construction Skills Training Centre

    1. Presentation of KSPH&IDCL's Construction Skills Training Centre
    2. Photos of KSPH&IDCL's CSTC trainees undergoing training
    3. I Batch Valedictory function of CSTC
    4. I Batch trainee list of CSTC
    5. Press note and Press cuttings of I Batch of CSTC OF KSPH&IDCL
    6. Photos of I Batch of CSTC of KSPH&IDCL
    7. Photos of skills trainees at KSPH&IDCL Training Centre
    8. II Batch Valedictory function of CSTC
    9. II Batch CS trainees list of KSPH&IDCL's Skills Training Centre
    10. II Batch Press Note
    11. II Batch Press cuttings
    12. Photos of CS Trainees
    13. III Batch valedictory function of CSTC of KSPH&IDCL
    14. III Batch Press Note of CSTC of KSPH&IDCL
    15. III Batch of trainees of CSTC of KSPH&IDCL
    16. III Batch press cuttings of CSTC of KSPH&IDCL
    17. Photos of skills trainees of CSTC of KSPH&IDCL
    18. IV Batch valedictory function of CSTC of KSPH&IDCL
    19. IV Batch Press Note of CSTC of KSPH&IDCL
    20. IV Batch trainees list of CSTC of KSPH&IDCL
    21. IV Batch trainees : male and female of CSTC of KSPH&IDCL
    22. IV Batch photos of Skills Trainees of CSTC of KSPH&IDCL
    23. IV Batch skills trainees press cuttings of CSTC of KSPH&IDCL
    24. Abstract of skills trainees
    25. V Batch (current) of Skills Trainees list of CSTC of KSPH&IDCL
    26. Copy of letter addressed to ADGP-KSRP to start Skills Training Centre in rural areas
    27. List of trainees selected by contractors for employment
    28. Feed back of skills trainees of KSPH&IDCL
    29. Copy of Employment Encouragement Camp held at Shringeri in Chickmagalur District
    30. Appreciation letter of Shri MD Singh, Retd DG & IGP,
    31. Appreciation letter of Shri MPV Shenoy, Retd. DDG of Works, (MES - I)
    32. Appreciation letter of Shri MF Pasha, IGP, Davanagere,
    33. Appreciation letter of L & T
    34. Feedback letters from skills trainees
    35. KSPH&IDCL Employee Training list for 2004-2005
    36. Brief note on Complaints and feedback register maintained at KSPH&IDCL with PRO
    38. Photos of KSPH&IDCL's child labour campaign on 5th October 2005
    39. Report of KSPH&IDCL's child labour campaign on 5th October 2005
    40. Programme details of KSPH&IDCL's Child Labour Campaign
    41. Press cuttings of KSPH&IDCL's Child Labour Campaign
    42. Copy of letter to Commissioner, Department of Labour to help in rehabilitation of child labour
    43. Copies of Panel discussion on KSPH&IDCL's Child Labour Campaign
    44. List of participants in KSPH&IDCL's Child Labour Campaign
    45. Photo of KSPH&IDCL's child labour campaign
    46. Action plan by KSPH&IDCL for eradication of child labour including copy of undertaking given by
         contractors engaged in KSPH&IDCL's projects.
    47. KSPH&IDCL's Child Labour campaign - Brochures
    48. KSPH&IDCL's Child Labour campaign - Press Note
    49. KSPH&IDCL's Child Labour campaign - Photos
    50. KSPH&IDCL's Child Labour campaign - Appreciation Letters.
    52. Nomination of KSPH&IDCL - CSR Rain Water Harvesting
    53. Brochures of KSPH&IDCL's Green Building Concepts
    54. Report of Bio-Diversity Park Project of KSPH&IDCL @ Kudlu
    55. Brochure RWH @ KSPH&IDCL
    56. Brief presentation on KSPH&IDCL's RWH at IGP office complex -Davangere
    57. Brief presentation on KSPH&IDCL's RWH at DPO building - Raichur
    58. Brief presentation on KSPH&IDCL's RWH at Chickmagalur
    59. Brief presentation on KSPH&IDCL's RWH at Shimoga
    60. Press cuttings on RWH at KSPH&IDCL buildings
    72. Copy of Annual Report of KSPH&IDCL for the year 2004-2005
    73. Note on Best practices adopted @ KSPH&IDCL
    74. E-governance brochures
    75. Appreciation letters from Govt.of Karnataka on KSPH&IDCL's E-governance initiatives & press

Report Of KSPH&IDCL's Child Labour Campain Held

 On 5th OCTOBER 2005.

KSPH&IDCL, in its initiative to eradicate child labour at all its construction sites, held a sensitisation campaign at Yavanika Conference Hall, Bangalore, involving high profile officers from the departments of Labour, Government of Karnataka, NGOs such as APSA (Association for Promoting Social Action), Paraspara Trust, Child Welfare Committee, and representatives from International Labour Organisation, and so on. (Photographs enclosed).

A child lit the lamp and an interactive session was held where participants and experts discussed issues related to child labour

Brochures and pamphlets in both English and Kannada were distributed along with a press note. Power point presentations were made by experts.

Rehabilitation packages were discussed, including the starting of schools at major site locations to avoid children becoming victims of child labour

KSPH&IDCL officers promised to ensure that all the initiatives were implemented successfully. Brochures and pamphlets were sent to contractors registered with KSPH&IDCL and also those involved in the ongoing projects.

Please click here to view CSR powerpoint