Green Buildings                     

Police Office Complex at Gulbarga

Police Office Complex at Gulbarga built on Green Building concepts.

Going Green! The concept aims to promote environment protection, water conservation, energy efficiency, use of recycled products and renewable energy.

The buildings where we live, work, and play in protect us from cold, heat, wind, rain, and snow. And these structures affect and shape our environment too. Building construction and operation require huge amounts of energy, water, and materials and create large amounts of waste.

The place and method of construction affect the ecosystems in the neighborhood at the same time creating new indoor environments that present new environmental problems and challenges.

Construction activity is growing at a rapid pace and is the third largest consumer of energy, after industry and agriculture. This necessitated “Green Buildings” to addresses environmentally sustainable issues. 

Adoption of environmentally friendly technologies and practices in the building sector contributes to conserving the national resources, besides saving on the operating costs.