Wind Energy                     

The need of the hour is to find sources of renewable or virtually inexhaustible energy as the present natural sources of energy fossil fuels and coal are being depleted. By the use of these energy sources we are polluting the environment due to which Ozone layer is becoming thin day by day causing threat of infiltration of UV rays.

The sources like fusion involve the generation of large amounts of waste heat which is causing stress on ecosystem.

Hence, we have to go for alternate source of energy that is renewable and pollution free and the topic of the section is Wind energy.


Wind energy is a natural form of energy that can be generated where the wind speed is more than 12 m/sec.

Wind energy is pollution free which does not involve deforestation / submergence of valuable lands without disturbing the flora & fauna of the land. The gestation period for execution of these projects is less and, cost of wind energy projects are comparable with conventional type of energy projects.

Limitations of Wind energy projects are:
  • Dependent on the direction and speed of the wind.
  • Energy produced to be stored.